Hair Fall Control Scalp Care Shampoo
Size: 350ml
Active Ingredients: Tri-Scalp Care, Red Clover Extract
Benefits: Reduces up to 98% hair fall*


Let’s be real – who’s got time to spare for drama? Not us, and definitely not with No Drama Hair Fall Control Shampoo. With the Tri-Scalp Care and Red Clover extract formulation, this scalp care shampoo reduces up to 98% hair fall** and gives your scalp and hair follicles a nourishing boost for stronger hair so you can stay out of hair drama.


* Based on lab test
** Due to hair breakage



Tri-Scalp Care

Deep Cleansing x Strengthen Hair Follicles X Soothe Scalp
Tri-Scalp Care formulation of Amino Acid Surfactant, Fluidipure™8G and Saccharide Isomerate for deep cleansing, Strengthen hair follicles and soothe scalp

Red Clover Extract

An abundance of biochanin A, sourced from natural plant extracts, enriches this formulation. This compound enhances the anchorage of hair on the scalp, resulting in stronger, less brittle strands that are resistant to breakage. By stimulating healthier hair follicles, this product effectively regulates hair fall, promoting a fuller, more resilient mane.